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Welcome to Lucky Lanka

Welcome to the world of Lucky Lanka. We are a leading innovative milk processing organization which has been delighting customers with high quality dairy products since 1991. In the journey of sharing the goodness of dairy to make a healthy Sri Lanka, be connected with customers is important. Hence we believe that this website will provide us the access of reaching the every corner of the country and it will fill the gap between Lucky Lanka and its customers. Please take your time to visit around and let us know how you feel about it. We are really looking forward to get your valuable ideas and we hope that your visit to our website will be informative and productive.

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Lucky Lanka Milk Processing Company is an incorporated Sri Lankan company in the field of milk processing heading towards building a healthy nation through sharing the goodness of every drop of milk, we deliver to your door step.

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Today consumers are more information friendly and possess a thorough knowledge in purchase decisions. Hence they are increasingly concerned not only about health and nutrition but with how and where the foods have grown treatment to animals, were the disposal of waste harmful to the environment, were there any ethical issues in production practices and etc. Simply they are looking for sustainable practices. Being a responsible corporate citizen of the region Lucky Lanka has always followed a sustainable approach in the dairy production process. We mainly concern with producing dairy products which include a good nutritional level for thousands of families in Sri Lanka, in a responsible manner and make it economically reasonable for everyone. As a business partner Lucky Lanka always maintains a healthy relationship with local farmers and have conducted numerous programs to enhance their livehoods. The well-being of dairy animals is important as well to conduct the best practice in the industry.

We are proud to mention that Lucky Lanka has created a large number of employment opportunities for young adults and dairy farmers of the country through various business ventures. As we all know resources are finite but the demand is increasing. We are exploring new methods, potential nutritional possibilities to improve upon our practices while giving an utmost care to environment, so that we can inherit a better value for the generations to come. As a company, Lucky Lanka Milk processing PLC is maintaining sustainable business. Farmer awareness campaigns programmes for dairy industry development, and environment friendly manufacturing processes are the best examples. It minimizes negative impact on the global / local environment, economy, society and community. Friend of The Earth certification, ISO certification, SLS certification, Soorya Singha certification and GMP certification are standing up as evidences.

Gedarata Kiri Outlet

The project was initiated with the aim of boosting the consumption of local fresh milk in urban areas of the country. With the globalization effect where milk has been substituted by varieties of products in the market contain zero level of nutrition. Hence this project will aid us in building a healthy nation.