Overview of the company

Lucky Lanka Milk Processing Company is an incorporated Sri Lankan company in the field of milk processing heading towards building a healthy nation through sharing the goodness of every drop of milk, we deliver to your door step. A healthy nation is a wealthy nation. It is vital to include good nutrition in delicious food, but is this possible? With the generation of expertise, we ensure the delivery of good quality, nutritious milk products adding more value to customers’ life. Engaging high quality ingredients with advanced technology we explore the potential and possible nutritional values in the products of Lucky Lanka to inherit it to the next generation to come. 

As a responsible corporate citizen Lucky Lanka provides its millions of customers with high quality milk products. Prior to the milk processing the pure natural ingredients will undergo a quality controllable test to ensure that those are meeting company’s standards. Hence Lucky Lanka is the only yoghurt manufacturer in Sri Lanka which accredited with SLS certification for the first time in the region. We share a better equation with our independent farmers in delivering good nutrition to the nation as one unit. Thus lead us be the most competitive milk product provider in Sri Lanka achieving excellence and quality and delight our customers more.

Our Vision

“We are Stepping Towards the World of Prosperity with Lucky”

Our Mission

"2030 Global Lucky"

The Lucky Lanka journey begins in 1991 when I first started it as a self employment in the home town of Kumburupitiya with a single household cow. I am proud to mention that today Lucky has become one of the most identified brand names in the competitive milk processing field of Sri Lanka while contributing to the country’s economy by creating hundreds of employment opportunities to young capable. 

The world is globalizing hence a “healthy nation” has become a fact of concern when people tend more towards fast foods and soft drinks. However in the journey of sharing the goodness of our products, Lucky Lanka is committed of producing high quality. We manufacture Nutritious milk related products employing the best available modern technology engaged with accepted international standards. Thus we have been accredited with SLS certification being the only yoghurt manufacturer in the region with such certification and ISO 22000 certification acclaiming the best practice in the process. 

Today Lucky Lanka is heading towards the achievement of “Global Lucky” by the year of 2020 with the help of strong and independent farmers and diversified workforce while successfully overcoming the challenges in the field of milk processing. We will continue to contribute greatly in meeting the nutritious needs of the nation and one day the world at large. 

Mr. Lal Keerthi Gunawardhana - Chairman

Two Decades at a glance

We have created hundreds of employment opportunities to fellow Sri Lankans, contributing to the country’s economy. At the early years of the business the production process was done manually and only had the limited capacity of delivering 300 glasses per day. Achieving success over the years the company became a limited liability company in year 2007 and currently operates as a national level enterprise in a wider scale with the goal of reaching the global market. 

In order to meet the needs of current and potential customers Lucky Lanka offers traditional dairy products such as curd, Pasteurized milk, Sterilized milk, UTH milk, (strawberry, chocolate and vanilla) flavored milk, drinking yoghurt, fresh fruit yoghurt and (strawberry, chocolate and vanilla) along with wide range of wholesome non dairy products including treacle, fruit jelly and fresh fruit drinks. So far Lucky Lanka journey has been exciting, challenging and most importantly a learning experience for us. Accolades such as SLS, ISO 22000 -2011 and HACCP international standards were remarkable milestones of Lucky Lanka’s journey towards creating a healthier nation. We will continue our legend with determination and excellence.

Kamburupitiya Milk Processing Plant

The Kamburupitiya milk processing plant is a fully automated factory operating with a capacity of producing 7000 cups per hour and also has the capacity of processing over 10000 liters at once in delivering the goodness of milk. The standardized process is supervised by the well trained staff with up to date knowledge which is over 300 is backed by a state of the art laboratory to maintain the unparalleled quality products. Company will ensure the utilization of high quality raw materials in delivering customer satisfaction with Lucky Milk products.

Kamburupitiya Fruit Processing Plant

Located in Kamburupitiya is the fruit processing plant of Lucky Lanka. The high quality tropical Fruits gathered from local farmers are used in the process of producing fresh drinks,cordials and etc. Each process supervised by the well trained workforce of Lucky Lanka to ensure that there will be zero defect in the production. Every ingredient is used effectively and efficiently in order to minimize the wastage.